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dust collection filter of continuous catalytic reforming

used in the process of continuous catalytic reforming, and the filter can separate dust and other impurities (heavy metal, noble metal) from gas(nitrogen), as well as remove the catalyst residues in the reactor, regener-ator and delivery system.

raw oil filter with automatic backwashing technology

used to purify raw oil in process of refining to remove sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and metal impurities, to ensure the normal operations of other facilities of the system.

hdpe filter for high temperature activation furnace

the furnace is used to produce catalyst activated in a reactor for high density polyethylene plant; and the lter, located above the reactor, is used to separate catalyst fines from the reacting gas (oxygen/nitrogen);

high precision slurry oil filter for r(fcc)

used to filter and remove the catalytic fines mixed in the slurry oil, so as to make better use of the slurry in refining.

s zorb sulfur removal unit

capable of removing sulfur to 10 ppm and lower (from >1000 ppm feed sulfur in one step!) for refiner, s zorb is used crucially in producing china v gasoline (10 ppm) for desulfurization; aeet has been proving cutting-edge filters for s zorb units totaled around 60 sets since 2008 in china.