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sintered metal mesh material and filter elements

sintered metal mesh porous materials and its filter elements are made by multi-layers of metal woven mesh through the process of special lamination design and vacuum press sintering.

sintered metal mesh porous material is characterized of simple structure, even mesh aperture distribution as ordinary metal woven mesh, but high strength, good integrity, stable and rigid mesh shape. further, the material can be customized for its pore size, permeability, mechanical strength, which show excellent comprehensive performance。

features and benefits

rigid, stable and even pore distribution
good permeability and low resistance loss
easily cleanable with smooth surface
high strength and workable under high differential pressure
extensive materials selection
high temperature and corrosion resistance
liable to processing and molding
superior welding performance


petrochemical: rectisol process (solid-liquid separation), etc.

coal chemical: raw oil filtration, dust collector filter, etc. shipping industry: ballast water treatment
aviation industry:
hydraulic oil filtration
metallurgical equipments:
fluidizing plate/tank

technical specifications

materials of construction:
stainless steel(310s,316l, 304), copper alloy, inconel、hastelloy,fecralalloy, etc.

weldless dimensions:
plate max w 1000×l 1200mm
cartridges diameter ф3~100mm, length ≤1000mm
operating performance:
maximum working temperature: ≤900℃