wedge wire screen and filter elements -九游会旗舰厅

wedge wire screen and filter elements

wedge wire screen/johnson screen and filter elements are made by winding the special wedge-shaped stainless wires (winding bars) on a group of longitudinal supporting rods (bar supporting rods) arranged in cycle through welding.

obvious v-shaped openings will be formed in the gap between filtration pipes.

features and benefits

  • horn hole structure,good back washing performance, and applicable in high viscosity and concentration conditions.
  • poor pore uniformity, low porosity and small effective filtration area
  • equivalent pore size: 15~300μm

technical specifications

pore size 15-100μm
weldless cartridge dimension φ20-100mm l≤2000mm


- widely used in petrochemical and oil refining plants, as the inner and outer baskets of the radial reactors of the catalytic reforming units. in addition, such screens are often used at the inlet distributors, scaling devices, the supporting grating of catalyst bedside, and outlet collectors. they are also used in the filtration baskets of centrifugal machines, vibrating screens and many other filtration pipes. it’ s specialized in wax oil, bitumen and other high viscosity oil filtration.
- widely used in water treatment of electric well, natural gas well, well, chemical industry, mining, paper making, environmental protection, metallurgy, foodstuff, sand control and decorative light industry.